A mountaineer's delight

Can you imagine discovering a peaceful Ladakhi village on the bank of the Yapola river, a tributary of the mighty Indus? Are you intrigued by the abundance of trekking destinations such as nearby Lamayuru and Chilling? Would you like to visit the ancient monastery and immerse yourself in history? Are vou travelling in a larger group of individually?
Wanla has got you covered. There valley features numerous homestays to cater to your interests, ranging from upstream the valley in the south to centrally located homestays reminiscent of hostels. When returning from a trek or hike, you shall relax at your homestay and relish local homecooked food.
Furthermore, the monastery at Wanla is of historical significance and depicts both ancient paintings and enthralling statues. The river course itself never fails to impress, the many bridges crossing over it are equally fascinating.
The distance between Leh and Wanla amounts to about 115 km. After passing Khaltse, you will be taking the Srinagar-Ladakh highway onwards to Kargil.

Homestays in Wanla

Guza Pa Homestay

Joldan Pa Homestay

Khara Pa Homestay

Lamyot Pa Homestay

Lhagang Homestay

Loma Pa Homestay

Palace View Homestay

Rongstak Homestay

Shuktser Homestay

Twin Brother Homestay