Vision & Mission

“Responsible Travel is not only better for our world. It is also exciting and memorable. Responsible tourism is the future of travel.”

–  Simon  Reeve


To promote a sustainable society at village level by promoting responsible, sustainable tourism.

The beautiful destinations shall not lose their appeal, aesthetic beauty, and ultimately, their profitability.

It is our duty to preserve nature and the local culture from exploitations.

We strive to:

  • Promote new and remote villages as tourist destinations.
  • Educate the local community and all stakeholders to operate their daily activities in an environment-friendly way.
  • Help marginalized people of vulnerable areas through tourism activities.


To promote responsible tourism through local people’s participation to give satisfactory service, develop a model for future.

The main objective is to propose a systemic change in Ladakh through the positive promotion of sustainable tourism development. We want to improve the tourism industry in Ladakh by making it more environmentally friendly, preserving the ecosystems and conserving the diversity of the region.

Core Values


The highest standards of professional ethics guide us.


We are result-oriented and committed to providing services of the highest quality to our customers.


We operate in a consultative and transparent manner.


We are responsive and make every effort to meet the set targets.


We foster teamwork and value mutual trust and respect.


We always act in good faith and are trustworthy.


We adhere to the principle of natural justice.


We favour meritocracy and base our decisions on rigorous analysis of evidence.

With our knowledge of tourism and work experience, we are passionate about sustainable and ecologically supported tourism in Ladakh. Our expertise in all the facets of tourism development and management widely help us to devise the best itineraries for you, assuring unimaginable experiences like never before.

Are you planning an ECO-VACATION and wish to not only visit the alluring landscapes, but also contribute by learning about the importance of preserving the biologically diverse areas and supporting the local ethnicity and economies, simultaneously?

If yes, you landed at the Right Place!