Plateau of beauty and mystery

Are you intrigued by a village steeped in legends with monuments whispering their stories to those who are eager to listen to them? Do you yearn for the freedom of strolling along the Indus River in the spacious Changthang Plateau, allowing for both a clear line of sight at daytime and an entrancing night sky glittering with stars? Would you like to experience craftswomen from local SHGs engaged in all stages of textile manufacturing from refining the threads to weaving the products including shawls, socks, gloves and caps?
Your environment resembles the five colours of the abundant prayer flags, blue and white in the sky, green next to the Indus and in the village itself and yellow and red in the surrounding mountains. Given the vast extent of the valley, all kinds of weather phenomena can be observed, morning mist being the most enchanting of them all. You are invited to venture further eastwards to Hale, India’s first night sky reserve with truly mesmerising sights which will illuminate your dreams.
The distance between Leh and Nyoma amounts to 180 km and can be covered by bus or taxi. Driving upstream the Indus River will lead you through various landscapes, from narrow gorges to valleys reminiscent of canyons. You may also connect a visit to Pangong Lake with a stay in Nyoma to enable you to continuously explore new landscapes on your way back.

Nyoma is situated 182 KM from Leh Airport.


  • only a daytrip away from indias first night sky reserve in Hanle
  • unique weather phenomena – morning mist over the Indus
  • local textile manufacturing
  • located in the Changthang plateau, offering a beautiful panorama at day- and nighttime


  • 180km south from Leh
  • accessible by taxi or bus
  • beautiful landscape along the way, as 
you drive along the Indus river

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