Valley of flowers and brown bears

Do you want to experience life in a remote valley between stunning mountains? Would you like to spot brown bears strolling through the landscape while resting in a cozy homestay? Are you a fan of nature and would like to see the famous wild tulips?

Then Mushkoo is the place to be. The valley is famous for many kinds of bears that live in the area. While you must keep a large distance to the animal, it is a once in a lifetime experience to see a brown bear in their natural environment. The area around Mushkoo is also known as the „Valley of Flowers“ as you will be stunned by the variety of wild flowers that grow in such a rough terrain. Look for wild tulips when you are there as they are said to be the most beautiful of them all! Nature enthusiasts will also be happy to see different kinds of wild mushrooms. You can do hikes around the area or just stroll through the village, you will be stunned anyway.

Please respect the local culture and refrain from drinking alcohol and listening to loud music.

Homestays in Mushkoo

Border View Homestay

Hillside Homestay

Nizami Homestay

Paradise Homestay

Sami Homestay

Tabasum Homestay

Tulip Valley View Homestay

Valley Vista Homestay