Betal Homestay

Striving for an in-depth insight into Ladakhi culture? This homestay houses a vast array of traditional artifacts, religious items and ancient kitchen utensils both outside and indoors, thereby working as the local museum. Colourful flagpoles, prayer flags and small stupas on the roof make for a perfect arrangement. Relaxing on comfortable sofas, you shall see family pictures and teddy beats, treasured by the family’s adorable toddler. A tarpaulin connected to the outer wall and similar to the greenhouse creates a pleasant warmth and provides space for cereals. The adjacent living-dining room also comes with a thab, a traditional Ladakhi stove. From the upper floor, you shall enjoy an unobstructed view over the fields and the spacious garden. Enclosed by tall trees, the garden features a greenhouse, apricot and apple trees as well as haystacks, branches, bark and other compost materials. You may join in gardening concerning vegetables and barley or tending the cow.