Gateway to Aryan valley

Are you interested in strolling along barley fields next to the beauty of the mighty Indus river and imposing mountains? Would you like to delve into the diverse cultural landscape of Ladakh by visiting a traditional house turned into an authentic museum or venturing further towards the nearby Aryan valley, a subregion with its own unique cultural heritage visible in their colourful clothes? Are you looking forward to savouring the taste of local apricots, the delicacy typical of the region?

Achinathang impresses its visitors with the scenic beauty of the Indus river valley and its agricultural practises. Barley is grown in terrace cultivation throughout and apricots are equally abundant. Moreover, every homestay features an ample kitchen garden with lots of fruits and vegetables for you to indulge in. Leaving Achinathang southwards, there is a large boulder depicting unique ancient rock art, a source of pride for the villagers.

Achinathang is situated in the Sham belt, the subregion between the Kargil district and central Leh district. You may approach Achinathang from both directions, following the course of the Indus. From Leh, the distance of 140 km can be covered by public bus or private taxi. You will be passing the local hub of Khaltse which offers various refreshments.

Homestays in Achinathang

Abdal Pa Homestay

Achina Traveler Homestay

Chumik Villa Homestay

Indus View Homestay

Khaldaks Homestay

Kunsal Homestay

Lamo Organic Homestay

Ltaket Pa Homestay

Sukey Homestay

Zangpo Achinapa Homestay