Tingmogang Homestay

House information

  • 4 guest rooms available
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 common bathroom

Family information

  • 7 family members
  • practicing pottery

If you’re a larger group, potentially up to 8 visitors, valuing staying together at a common place, this homestay can make your dreams come true. It features 4 spacious rooms and a large common area on the upper floor, filled with colourful and varied decorations to create a lively atmosphere. Nevertheless, there is also a well-furnished prayer room to add a spiritual retreat.
The owner is a trained pottery maker and displays his creations both in the atrium and in the dedicated shop nearby. It is always a delight to watch him bringing delicate objects into being from an inconspicuous mass of clay. Next to the owners, you may come across an adorable pair of dog and cat who will surely rejoice your heart. They might be hiding behind the large stupas on this homestay’s premises, an unusual place given that most stupas either demarcate (pilgrimage) routes or surround spiritual locations like the monastery which you can see from underneath.